Journey to United Kingdom, Part II : Hello Watford, and Harry Potter!

So, after few stressed months i finally got my visa and got the cheapest airplane ticket! It was only $850 return. =D

Dear UK, get ready for me! =D

I fly with Etihad from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi, then Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow. Since i live in Surabaya, i had to fly to Jakarta first using Garuda airlines. Both of these airlines were amazing. and after 20 hours flight, i finally made it to UK!!!

i remember how excited i was when i looked at the plane’s window. i saw the city lights (it was 5 am or so), and i heard the other plane passengers talked about the view. it was just awesome and priceless. =)

i remember after finishing the immigration things, i went to the declare room for asking if i’m allowed or not to take the sandwich that i got from the airplane. i knew it was so silly, but i just don’t wanna break some rules (i’m a perfectionist =D ).



palmers lodge swiss cottage hostel.


the picture above is the place where i stayed in London. i planned to stay for 2 weeks in UK. 1 week to explore London and other cities, plus to adapt with the jet lag and the language, then the other week to attend the SheffMUN. about this hostel, it was a great one for me. take a look for its review here:Β

it was about 3 degrees when i reached London. so freezing and windy. but i was so excited. i got free internet access from my cellphone provider for 1 day, so the first thing that i did was call my parent using LINE call. i’m not so close with my parents, but i do love them. and whenever i am so far away from them, i feel like i love them more. so, one of my favourite things while travelling is to call my parents =D

well, for the first day i was planning to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. so, after i put my bags at the hostel, i went to London Euston train station to take a train to watford junction. In my opinion, Watford is so calming and warm eventhough it was raining and the temperature was about 2 or 3 degrees. it’s not a busy place, but somehow i love it!


the houses in watford


watford junction. if you’re going to the harry potter studio tour from London, you have to stop in here

as one of Harry Potter fans i was really excited to go to the studio tour. when i was there, i just can say: “wow” or “thank you God for this” i was so amazed =D

since i was travelling alone, it’s a bit hard to take some photos of myself. i’m a bit nervous to ask the people. i feel like i dont want to disturb them. hahaha. but they all were really nice.

the best thing in this studio was the butterbeer. i taste like a root beer with some honey and cinnamon. i love it. =)


lucky to be here!


welcome to Diagon alley! =)


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6 Responses to Journey to United Kingdom, Part II : Hello Watford, and Harry Potter!

  1. Enjoy your time in the UK! If you get the chance, head to the Lake District. You won’t be disappointed!

    • paramita kelakan says:

      thanks! actually it was last November. i was planning to go to the Lake District but i have limited time. but since i really in love with UK, i will come back very soon! hope that i could visit Lake District on my next visit. really curious about the place where Beatrix Potter live! =)

  2. What a Wonderful Experience, Mbak Mitaaaaaa! :”) God bless u for everything happens there amin! πŸ™‚ bagi-bagi pengalaman dan informasinya ya Mbak, kutungguu part2 slannjutnya πŸ™‚

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