Journey to United Kingdom, Part I : where it begans

United Kingdom is the 1st  dream country of mine. I can’t tell exactly why… but since i was a child, i really wanted to go there. Most of the actors and actresses and also some musicians that i love are from UK. my favourite broadway songs are made by Andrew Lloyd Webber who is british. I think i just have a connection with this country. =D

So, it began when i saw some of my friends were doing Model United Nations abroad and i want to do that too! I was so curious about the MUN, and i think it’s gonna be so cool to know many students from other countries and make friends to them through the positive events such as MUN. well, the first time i went abroad is to Prague to attend the International choir competition. It was so fun! But somehow, i wanna do something by myself, so i decided to attend the MUN as a single delegate =D

I had lots of free time before i get started to study in hospital as a young doctor. So, i took this chance to go abroad and attending the MUN. the 2nd things that i have to think is about: which MUN? so, i remember that i really wanted to go to UK, then i go browsing some MUN that held in UK. And then i found the website of Sheffield Model United Nations. I never heard about Sheffield before, but i found out that SheffMUN seems quite interesting since it offers a couchsurfing accomodation so i can get socialised with some students from The University of Sheffield. so yes! I applied to SheffMUN! =D

But it wasn’t case closed yet. I need lot of money to go to UK, and the rupiah currency is not good at all. So, with some help from my friend (Rizki Candra) i made a donation proposals and give them to some friends and family who might want to help me. It was so hard! I have to swallow my pride (i’m a kind of person who doesn’t like to asking help for donation, though i have no problems at all to help people), but my friends and family told me that if i am doing a positive things, then it is fine! People needs people, and they’re glad to help me. I was so happy and so thankful because when i think that i’m alone, there are lots of people who really care to help me. Even my university helped me. I never thought that every doors seem to open so wide for me. And i thank God for that.





cover of my donation proposal. designed by Mr. Rizky Candra Kusuma


my profile at the proposal. pictures captured by Miss Ghea Kuspratiwi, and the Pages designed by Mr. Rizky Candra Kusuma




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