Rainy Monday

It was monday,May 27 2013, raining all day long in Surabaya and Sidoarjo.

I never though that yhe rainy season yhis year will be so long. In fact, I love it. Hahahaha.
I love cold weather.  I mean, not so cold… but you know, the cold weather of tropical area is perfect. So yesterday I was happy to have rain all day long (though I got wet during my ride to campus).
I have short lecture yesterday, so I went back home around 10 am and found out that the orchids are blooming.


Well…. seeing that wet leaves and that colorful flowers really makes me happy, though there is one thing that make it a litle disappointing: the leak!!!!


See? Hahhahaha. But it’s quite fun to hear the aound of the water dropping in that buckets. Ok leak, I forgive you.

I captured few pictures while raining, too bad it can’t snap the raindrops…




It’s nice to see everything looks so fresh and green. So yesterday was one of my favorite days. 🙂


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hi guys! thank you for visiting my blog. i'm really an amateur, so i still learn how to make a good post and design. hahaha. if you want to ask more details about a place that i've ever visited or anything, just mail me at kelakanmita@gmail.com =) ====================================== salam semua! terimakasih ya sudah berkunjung ke blog ini. kalau misalnya mau bertanya lebih lanjut mengenai postingan saya, bisa email ke: kelakanmita@gmail.com terimakasih... =)
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