My days in Bangkok part 2 : chatuchak, first experience using skytrain.

i was woke up at 6 am, then went to the seven eleven in front of the hostel to buy food for breakfast, and some stuffs. when i wanted to pay, i was forgot that i left my wallet in my locker. so i said to the man at the cashier to wait, and i’ll be back in 5 minutes. though i think he couldn’t understad what i’ve been saying, he was smiling when i came back (maybe he thinks like “good, she’s not runaway”. hahahaha).


my favorite breakfast: Meiji’s banana milk!!! =D

i planned to go to chatuchak with Milk. so around 8 am, milk come to my hostel, then we went to chatuchak together. Milk was one of Thai students who got the dharmasiswa scholarship, we met in Surabaya while she’s studying bahasa Indonesia. we took a lot of transportations by that day. first, we took a bus to go to siam, then go to chatuchak using BTS (skytrain).


the siam skytrain station

it was my first experience using skytrain. the sky train isn’t as cheap as the bus, but still, it’s cheaper than if you took taxi, and also free from traffic. hahahha.


Chatuchak weekend market

when i told Milk that i wanted to go to chatuchak, she said “wow, that would be really hot in there”. well, yes, i read some reviews in tripadvisor that said about that. Milk said that she’s rarely go to chatuchak. why i want to go there? well, many reviews said that this place sell many things. from clothes, foods, and even pet! i was so curious. and the reviews said that the price is also cheap.

i was bought girl’s t-shirt for only 50 baht, extra large t-shirt for 100 baht, thai traditional skirt 250 baht, 6 keyrings for 100 baht, 2 standing thai ornament for 180 baht ( i think it can go lower, but i was too lazy to bargain =p )


extra large t shirt for 100 baht


50 baht only


this skirt cost 250 baht.

actually, the main reason why i wanted to go to chatuchak is the food! the reviews said that there are many local foods in there. i try grilled squid, padthai, coconut ice cream, grilled coconut, grilled pork, Thai fresh mangoes, and also DURIAN!!!



yummy grilled squid


milk and her coconut ice cream



fresh tropical fruits

i can’t describe how amazing is the taste of that foods… i think Thai’s food is like my soulmate. hahahha. as i was in a very tight budget, i only spend about 2 hours in chatuchak. i think if i have more money, i can spend all day in there.

one thing to remember, wear a comfortable clothes, shoes or sandals. you’ll go sweaty. =p


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