My days in Bangkok part 1 : the arrival and my adorable Hostel

first time i step on the don muang airport in Bangkok, i had mixed feelings between scared, happy, and excited. that was my first time in Bangkok, and i’m all alone. 

so, my first to do list was to decided whether i choose taxi or bus to go to my hostel in khaosan road? based on the information from the internet, if i choose taxi, it will cost around 300-500 baht, which means as a solo traveler, that’s too expensive for me. but if i choose bus, which bus should i take?

trying to be brave, i decided to choose bus. i went to the information desk to ask which bus should i take if i want to go to khaosan. the lady in the information desk told me to take the number 59 bus, but only the orange colored. so, after that i went to the bus stop. 

i saw foreign girl standing on the bus stop. knowing that khaosan road is one of tourist destination in Bangkok, i presume myself to talk to her. i asked her where she wants to go, and she said “khaosan”, whew that makes me soooooo happy. so i smile and introduce myself to her. her name is Benedetta from Italy (who become my friend until now! =D ). a nice and cheerful girl who become so talkative while she’s tired, hahahhahha. actually i’m a shy person, but Benedetta was so nice and warm, so it’s really nice to meet her. we’ve been waiting around 30 minutes, then the bus no 59 was arrive, but the driver said “no Khaosan”, so we wait again. why no khaosan? well… that bus wasnt orange colored… as the lady in the information desk told me that we must take the orange colored one.

we waited more than 1 hour i guess, then a Thai lady came to us and told us to take bus no 29 (if i’m not mistaken) and get down in chatuchak, then continue to take the bus no 3, because bus no 59 (the orange one) will be too long.

agreed with that Thai lady, we took the bus no 29, then continue to bus no 3. it feels like a very long journey. i was thirsty and so does benedetta. but fortunately, the bus no 3 stop in front of the alley of benedetta’s hostel, and then in front of the alley of my hostel!! oh and the total cost for the buses were only 14 baht. hahahahha. OMG, can’t remember how happy i was. =D

the hostel where i stayed for 4 nights is nappark. it’s located in banglampoo, not far from khaosan (only 2 blocks away). i didn’t take many pictures, but here is the link that contains reviews for nappark

for me, nappark is a good hostel, and very cozy. i have good sleeps, and the staffs are very nice.


me at the lobby

after i get into my bed, i received text messages from Tone and Milk (my friends in Thailand) that asking whether i am safe or not. hahahha. they are so nice… then i check to my facebook, and found out that Game (my other friend from Thailand) are sending me a picture that said “welcome to Thailand, land of smiles”, well… what a nice arrival… =)


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